Jan 17 • 54M

Investment Community #4

Dave Foord, CIO of Foord Asset Management (Part 1)

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In this episode (the first of two) Dave tells:

  • How the highlight of his career is to have survived in the industry for 40+ years

  • How it felt to be seen as an idiot for not loading up on tech stocks on the DotCom Bubble

  • How he still tap-dances to work every day.

We also discussed:

  • How the decision to turn down money had the effect of turning the gatekeepers against him

  • How most people are not good investors because they don’t properly understand probability and time

  • How investment people are prima donnas, and too many of them together is a recipe for chaos.

Dave Foord is CIO of Foord Asset Management, a firm he founded in 1981. He began his investment career in the late 1970s with a three-year stint as an industrial analyst at Old Mutual.