Sep 22, 2021 • 2M

Introducing "Investment Community"

What to expect from my forthcoming podcast

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Conversations with the most insightful players in the financial markets ecosystem.
Episode details

Newdigate Insights is getting an upgrade. I’m adding a podcast to the existing newsletter.

To keep things clear and simple, I’ve created two sections in Newdigate Insights:

  • In My Opinion. This is the existing newsletter, which is a series of articles to help investment professionals get better at dealing with the soft issues of investment management.

  • Investment Community. This is the forthcoming podcast, which is a series of conversations with the most insightful players in the financial markets ecosystem. It’s a podcast for investment professionals.

Investment Community

In the podcast I’ll be in conversation with: 

  • The most experienced fund managers and analysts

  • The CEOs and CIOs of investment firms

  • The asset consultants who evaluate those managers and firms

  • The multi-managers who allocate to them.

Most of the conversations will be about life in the public markets. And I’ll also be in conversation with players who operate in the private markets, and with entrepreneurs who have taken their private companies public. Each of these different members of the investment community has a unique perspective on the financial markets.

As a subscriber you will receive both the newsletter and the podcast directly into your email inbox as they are published. 

If you’ve not yet subscribed, please do. It’ll make a difference to the results that you achieve.